The waiter’s unexpected kindness leaves the woman in tears, mending her heart with a simple yet unforgettable gesture

A compassionate waiter at a hotel restaurant noticed Hannah Hastings’ distress as she sobbed for two hours following her recent breakup. Despite her efforts to find solace over tea with a friend, her heartache persisted.

However, the attentive waiter took notice of her sorrow and extended a gesture of kindness to uplift her spirits.

The waiter’s compassionate act gained widespread attention on TikTok, amassing over 124,000 likes and sparking a wave of shared experiences where strangers offered support during difficult moments.


Hannah took to TikTok to express, “I’ll forever cherish the simple act of kindness I experienced.”

She shared, “Right after my long-term relationship ended, I found myself at a hotel with a friend, shedding tears for a solid two hours.”

As we were preparing to depart, the waiter kindly asked us to wait a moment longer, hinting that he had a surprise in store for me.

Hannah recalled, “I shed more tears when I laid eyes on the dessert.”

In January, she embarked on her journey of healing. Reflecting on her experience in the comments, she mentioned a compassionate waiter who shared his own story of overcoming similar struggles and reassured her that things would improve with time.

“I’ve been through something like this too, but trust me, it does get better,” the waiter said.


The TikTok community was deeply moved by the waiter’s compassionate gesture towards heartbroken individuals. Many shared their anecdotes of encountering kindness from strangers during challenging periods.

One user, Lauren Coffey, shared her experience of feeling stressed and upset at a café due to her toxic job. A compassionate man, who empathized with her situation, purchased her a coffee and pastry. He explained that he had daughters around her age and simply didn’t want to see her sad.

On TikTok, a woman shared a touching moment from her experience on a beach, where she found solace in tears. A stranger approached and quietly left shells beside her, offering a gesture of kindness despite not knowing her circumstances.

In another narrative, Jordyn recounted being stranded in New York at 2 am. The doorman at his intended apartment building went above and beyond, offering him shelter for the night at his own home.

On a flight, a grieving woman, mourning the loss of her fiancé, tried to conceal her tears. However, a compassionate stranger noticed her distress and approached her.

The stranger’s kindness extended as they bought her a drink and offered a listening ear as she opened up about her sorrow and loss.

Grateful for this unexpected act of compassion, the woman expressed her heartfelt appreciation, knowing it’s a moment she’ll always hold dear.

Being kind has numerous benefits, as recent research highlights. According to the American Psychiatric Association, acts of kindness can significantly improve mental health by reducing feelings of sadness and worry. Kindness involves intentionally helping others without expecting anything in return.

A study conducted by the University of Ohio examined the effects of being kind, socializing, and receiving brief therapy sessions on individuals. The findings revealed that all three activities contributed to decreased feelings of sadness and worry, as well as increased overall happiness with life. However, kindness appeared to be particularly effective in fostering new friendships.

The researchers suggested that kindness might offer unique benefits in helping people connect with others and experience overall well-being more effectively than traditional therapy alone.


Indeed, studies consistently demonstrate that practicing kindness can have profound positive effects on individuals. By directing attention away from personal problems, acts of kindness contribute to increased happiness, confidence, and resilience while alleviating stress and emotional fluctuations.

It’s often underestimated how much impact small acts of kindness can have, particularly for those experiencing loneliness or heartbreak. While the actual gesture may seem insignificant, the recipient often treasures the kindness and the opportunity to connect.

Moreover, kindness has a ripple effect – when people experience kindness, they are more inclined to pay it forward to others.

Engaging in simple acts of kindness daily can uplift moods, alleviate stress, and potentially mitigate feelings of sadness or anxiety.

Here’s a video that beautifully illustrates how acts of kindness can have a remarkable impact on people’s lives: