A little girl sings as ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to her cat who was tragically passing away

It is nit doubt, having a pet is a truly meaningful part of anyone’s life. They definitely become a family member of themselves.Pets give love and memories to their owners without any hesitation. But the sadness is that they do not live with us forever.

As a result, one day everyone who owns a pet will have to suffer their loss. We all know it is hard. Especially it isn’t easy for children.

This is also such an emotional story. This is sure that make tears in your eyes.

This clip has a song singed by a young girl that ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to her cat, who was tragically passing away.

The little girl is named Abby who just four years old. She has uncountable happy memories with her gorgeous cat, Bailey. Bailey was with Abby’s family for a decade before she was even born. As a result, the two had a strong bond.

The friends were inseparable for years. The special thing was that Abby often reading and singing to Bailey.The clip is heartbreaking since it looks like that Bailey could truly understand what Abby was singing. It marked the last time with her best friend in the world. Unluckily, Bailey had a kindney failure. As a result, she passed away after a few hours of the moment was filmed. After the clip was uploaded, there were thousands of sharings, likes and comments. Many peoples praise for Abby, as well as shared words of kindness.