Students surprise a beloved security guard by helping him reunite with his family after 10 years apart

Being a security guard can be quite demanding, as it calls for patience, a sharp awareness of potential security threats, and a deep commitment to safeguarding premises.

Yet, the task becomes even more daunting when your thoughts stray to your family, diverting your focus from your duties.

Some individuals find themselves working far from home to support their families, compelled by the lack of job prospects in their own countries. Their aim is to secure a brighter future for their loved ones.


These committed individuals embark on a deeply personal and often difficult path when they choose to work in a foreign country.

Their motivation stems from a desire to secure financial stability and enhance the quality of life for their families in their home countries.

Their sacrifices go beyond mere physical distance; they also grapple with the emotional strain of being apart from their loved ones.

This includes missing out on significant events, joyous occasions, and the routine, cherished moments that define family life.


James currently finds himself in a situation where he works as a security guard at a college in Rhode Island.

Despite his dedication to his job, he has been unable to see his family, including his son, who lives in Nigeria, for over ten years.

During this semester, students at Providence College developed a friendship with James while interacting with him at Raymond Hall. As they got to know him better, they learned about his prolonged separation from his loved ones.

In a gesture of solidarity and compassion, the students initiated a GoFundMe campaign to gather financial support for James’s trip to Nigeria.

They emphasized his admirable qualities, such as his strong work ethic and his consistently kind and caring nature.


“For those unfamiliar with James, let me assure you, he embodies kindness in a way that leaves a lasting impression,” they expressed.

“He’s known for his warm greetings and open-heartedness, always ready to engage in conversation no matter the hour. His impact on our community is immeasurable, yet he remains unaware of just how much we value him. This initiative is our way of expressing our deep appreciation for all that he does,” the post included.

Brandon Reichert, a freshman student involved in coordinating the GoFundMe campaign, reflected on James’ character: “James is simply a beacon of kindness within our building. His presence means the world to us, and his significance cannot be overstated. Witnessing the rapid response and unity in rallying behind him was truly remarkable.”

In just one day, the collective effort of college students resulted in $3,000 raised through the GoFundMe platform.


On March 6, the students handed over the gathered funds to James, commemorating the heartfelt occasion with a photograph. The security guard’s astonishment was evident as he covered his mouth with his hands.

In a subsequent GoFundMe update, the students shared a picture of themselves delivering the donation to the guard while he was seated at his desk.

James displayed surprise, his hands rising to cover his mouth in disbelief.

“This evening, we had the privilege of providing James with the financial support needed for his trip to Nigeria to reunite with his family in June! I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who generously contributed; your contributions have truly transformed the life of this remarkable individual,” Reichert wrote.


“I was struggling to hold back tears,” said Daniel Singh, a Sophomore Resident Advisor who witnessed the students presenting the funds, in an interview with WJAR, describing his emotional reaction.

Dean of Students Steven Sears, speaking to ABC 6, emphasized the profound impact James had on everyone involved.

“He expressed genuine concern and care not just for this particular group and the students within it, but also conveyed his heartfelt wishes for their success. At the conclusion, he mentioned that he consistently includes them in his prayers, asking for divine protection and guidance in their endeavors,” he said.


Reichert stated that additional contributions made to the GoFundMe campaign would be allocated to James at the conclusion of the academic year, facilitating future visits to Nigeria.

Currently, the GoFundMe initiative has amassed more than $28,365.

Witness the touching interactions between James, the Nigerian security guard, and the students at Providence College in the video below: