Staff And Students at Elementary School Celebrated 77-Year-Old Janitor’s Birthday Who Has Never Had A Birthday Party

Frances Buzzard was from West Virginia who worked as a janitor at Belle Elementary School. She was verry seriously in her job as a custodian and served the teachers and the children well by keeping the school clean. Everyone in the school noticed her superb work ethic. She was still capable & enthusiastic at the mature age of 77. All the students and staff at the primary school adored and respected her and being around the littles energized her more.

But she has been keeping something to herself for a long time. The principal of the Belle Elementary School believed that she should be appreciated for her honest efforts. The principal did some research about the Frances’ past to learn about the secret that she was hiding.

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Unfortunately, she was at the ripped age, but she never had her own birthday celebration in her life.

So, when staff and students found at this woman had never had a birthday celebration in her entire life, they decided to do something special for her. To show Buzzard just how much she meant to them, the staff and students of Belle Elementary planned to organize a surprise.

One day, miss Frances heard her name shouted over the school’s loudspeakers announcing her to go to the cafeteria. Since there was an assembly going on at the time, she thought there was a problem in the school cafeteria that something needed to be cleaned.

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When she entered the cafeteria, Buzzard didn’t doubt a thing and assumed she had been called to clean up the area. Frances walked toward the closed door of the assembly hall and opened it slowly. However, she was stunned. Everyone shouted, “Surprise!” and “Happy Birthday”.

Her First Birthday Party 

Almost all the students, the principal, teachers and the staff had gathered in the cafeteria to surprise her and celebrate her very first birthday party.

She was astonished but the surprises weren’t over yet. There were more than 200 people in the cafeteria waiting to surprise their beloved custodian. Frances couldn’t believe how many people had around her.


A table of cupcakes were to the side of the cafeteria, ballons, burning candles for France. With Frances now seated, the slideshow began. There were photographs of historical memories in history, such as the moon landing and Woodstock, and Frances had been photoshopped into the scenes. It was the perfect memorialization of her life and a praise on her 77 years.

She was also treated like a queen, complete with her own sash and tiara.

Buzzard sat on a special chair amongst the students, the slideshow began where she watched a video that was created for her. There were photographs of special memories in her life such as the moon landing, when she stood next to Neil Armstrong, or having fun at Woodstock, and it was extremely amazing to see.


The janitor stated that her family didn’t have money for birthday parties or even Christmas celebrations, so all they were given was “fruits and nuts when they could afford it.”

Once, her family attempted to arrange her a party, but it was a cold & icy day, and nobody came.

At 77-years-old, the Belle Elementary School janitor had never had a birthday party, but that would soon change.

When the staff and students at the elementary school learned of the parties their beloved janitor missed out on for the last 77 years, they did a change soon. Their love and kindness made Frances’s birthday special and saved a wonderful memory she will remember forever as the best surprise she has ever had.

YouTube/Charleston Gazette-Mail
YouTube/Charleston Gazette-Mail