Smart crane knock

Smart crane knocks on a Florida woman’s door to asking for food everyday & using ring cam to having conversations with that lady

Autumn Cochella is a resident in a Florida neighborhood that surrounds a large lake bustling with wildlife. Cochella often feed the birds by tossing seeds. Especially, her supporting is important when the landscape is changing and natural food sources are scarce.

Carl made himself comfortable after discovering a buffet of seeds on Autumn Cochella’s property. And when there’s no food, he’ll aggressively knock on her door with his beak. Cochella gave into the charming father and his family of squawkingsquatters, who oftentimes nest on her front lawn. Then, his talent was passed on to his children to asking for a meal.

“Oneday, I was in my bedroom and he was walking from backyard to the front. I opened my bedroom window, ‘Hey Carl!’ and he ran to my front door! That’s when I knew we were friends.”Cochella told The Dodo.

Also he uses to conversations by aksing his human friend to comeout by using the ring cam about four times a day. This is same while she’s out of the house.

Carl is charismatic and friendly among many of the local birds who snack and dash in this place.

Carl, a sandhill crane is now a frequent patron of her yard.

But he bangs on her glass door with his beak to get her attention when the grub is gone.

“He knocks persistently, if the other birds finished all seeds before he gets to it in the morning”. Cochella said. “Sometimes, I’m afraid he’s going to crack my glass door and I ask him to leave through the ring cam”

Carl lives with his family across the street by the lake, but he prefers Coachella’s yard to hang out with his “wife” Carla, and their two-year-old kid, Carl JJunior and Kevin.

In May 2023, Kevin’s twin Kyle met with an accident while he was crossing the street. The Raptor Center of Tampa tried to save the little’s life but his injuries were too serious.

“I’m not ready to talk about this, please be sensitive with your comments. I’m grieving. Cochella was emotional in an TikTok clip. “Further, there were no Four birds but only Three. “We lost Kyle. They may be cruel & heartless humans…RIP tiny Kyle”.

Carl also met with an unknown injury to hus leg but with the raptors center, he was fully recovered.

The loving woman has since erected a crane crossing sign on the road to be seen escorting the cranes when they cross the street. And after finding Kevin cooling off in a small bowl of water, she even bought them a kiddie pool!

“Watching them over the last few years has been amazing,” Cochella said.

Junior has a home on the other side of the lake but still visits Cochella. He leant how to knock on the door by his father. Junior is far patiently waiting for his human friend to appear.

Cochella loves having Carl who has an incredible personality and his family as fun and unique friends.

Cochella has an online store where people can buy Carl merchandise, like tops, mugs and mousepads. She’s also reminding all to “slow down for all wildlife!”

This world needs more people like Autumn Cochella. If you make a try, you’ll find you have a special, unbreakable bond with animals.

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