Sisters help a sister to have a baby, making her dream of being a mom come true despite challenges

Jaclyn’s video story is a beautiful testament to the depth of the bond between siblings. Her sisters bravely assisted her in achieving her goal of becoming a mother despite facing numerous challenges.

The fact that her younger sister became her egg donor, and her older sister carried the baby for her illustrates the incredible selflessness and love that can exist within families.

It not only demonstrates the strength of their sibling bond but also highlights the power of familial support in overcoming adversity.


They encountered every obstacle they could have possibly imagined along their journey.

Jaclyn, a dedicated teacher, and her husband Greg, a firefighter and sergeant in the Air National Guard, started a family ever since their marriage in 2018.

They have faced significant challenges on their journey to parenthood. Despite undergoing seven rounds of in vitro fertilization, they faced disappointment each time. Additionally, they endured the heartbreak of three miscarriages.

Furthermore, they received the difficult news that Jaclyn was grappling with endometriosis, along with a chromosomal condition that presented additional hurdles to conceiving a child, as reported by TODAY.


When Jaclyn’s doctor recommended the necessity of an egg donor, her younger sister, Meredith McIntyre, immediately volunteered without hesitation.

“I simply felt it was my duty to help her,” Meredith said.

Reflecting on Jaclyn’s challenging journey, Meredith, who has twins, shared her admiration for her sister’s resilience. She acknowledged the difficulty her family endured over the years, witnessing Jaclyn’s struggles to start a family.


Regrettably, the initial attempt to implant McIntyre’s egg into her sister was unsuccessful.

At the same time, Stephanie Corritori, who is Jaclyn’s older sister and a mother of two herself, expressed her desire to assist.

When Jaclyn requested that she carry the baby, Stephanie didn’t need to think twice.

Stephanie stated that she was fully prepared to do whatever was necessary.

Stephanie became pregnant on June 2, 2023, with Meredith providing the egg. It was their mother’s birthday.


Stephanie recalls falling to her knees and praying fervently once the transfer was successful.

Despite feeling anxious about carrying the baby for her sister, Stephanie tried to remain optimistic.

She relied on a playlist named “We’ve Got This,” which reminded them that they were all on this pregnancy journey together as a united team.

Stephanie shared that the songs on the playlist held significance, symbolizing Jaclyn’s hardships and now representing joy for Emersyn, filling her life with happiness.


The playlist featured songs like “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts, “Most People Are Good” by Luke Bryan, and “When You Believe” by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

On February 1, 2024, baby Emersyn Clare was born, bringing immense emotions to everyone involved. While lying in the hospital bed, Stephanie turned to Jaclyn and exclaimed, “You’re a mom!”

Jaclyn expressed joy over Emersyn’s future, predicting she would grow up knowing her story, understanding her worth, and appreciating the kindness of her aunts.

Hoda Kotb asked Jaclyn and her sisters on TV how it feels to be a mother.

Jaclyn expressed her satisfaction with her role as a mother.


She said “it’s even better than she imagined, and it’s hard to believe they’ve reached this moment with their baby finally here.” Hoda marveled at Jaclyn’s journey. She inquired if there were moments when Jaclyn doubted her ability to conceive.

Jaclyn acknowledged it was challenging at times, but she persevered.

“I just couldn’t let go of the dream. Being a mother has always been my desire. I remained committed and continued to pray for our miracle.”


Hoda asked the sisters how they would explain their journey to Emersyn one day.

“I hope she understands how much we wanted her and that everyone, including her aunts, grandparents, and others, was rooting for us. We never gave up trying until she came into our lives. Now that she’s here, we’re incredibly grateful.”

You can watch Jaclyn and her sisters talk about their journey as an egg donor, surrogate, and mother in this video: