Single Father Defies Odds, Adopts Girl Rejected by 20 Families, Inspiring Story Goes Viral

The story of a single father adopting a girl who has been rejected by 20 families is one of love, resilience, and acceptance. 

Luc Trapanese is 41 years old and is in Italy and his story is truly inspiring. Unfortunately, Luc Trapanese is facing obstacles in realizing his dream of becoming a father, especially considering his commitment to adopting a child with a disability. Despite facing challenges such as his relationship ending, he remained continuously in his desire to become a father.

Facebook/Luca Trapanese

It’s heartwarming to hear that Luc’s willingness to provide love, care, and support to a child despite potential challenges speaks volumes about his character and compassion. Becoming a parent through adoption is a significant and rewarding journey. That’s wonderful news! Luc became a father through the adoption of a child in 2017.

Luc’s decision to provide a loving home for Alba, despite her having Down syndrome and being rejected by 20 families, is truly heartwarming and admirable. Alba was only 13 days old when her biological mom left alone her at the hospital. It’s indeed heartbreaking to hear about situations where individuals struggle to find a loving home. Luc’s decision to step up and provide care for Alba despite the rejections from other families is heart-touching.

Luc felt prepared and confident in his ability to fulfill the responsibilities and commitments associated with being her dad.

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Luc is a compassionate person, particularly drawn to helping children facing difficulties. Bringing her into his home shows that he values her company. He shares his interests and activities with his new daughter, possibly to build a friendship. She is open to new experiences and enjoys spending time outdoors and walks in the park and museum.

Luc’s journey from supporting his best friend through illness to actively helping others in need reflects a profound empathy and compassion within him. Experiencing the loss of his friend by cancer likely deepened his understanding of the struggles faced by those dealing with illness, particularly children with disabilities.  His decision to channel his grief into action by volunteering at his church demonstrates a powerful commitment to serving others, particularly in assisting individuals with disabilities.

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It’s heartwarming to see Luc and his friend found a charity to care for disabled persons. He was just happy through helping others and forming meaningful relationships. Luc’s greatest joy or happiness comes from his relationship with Alba. It is a strong emotional connection and perhaps deep love towards Alba who holds significant importance and positively impacts Luc’s life.

Luc expressed profound gratitude towards Alba who completely attributed a transformative impact on his life. She has had a significant positive impact on his life, bringing him happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

Instagram/Luca Trapanese
Instagram/Luca Trapanese

Writing a book named “Born For You” about their journey together, especially with a special child, must have been a deeply personal and rewarding experience for him. It’s wonderful to hear that the book has resonated with many people and that he’s had the opportunity to share their story on TV shows, reaching even more audiences.

He believes his and Alba’s story challenges and breaks down various stereotypes related to fatherhood, religion, and family dynamics. He expresses hope that their story will continue to challenge these stereotypes in the future as well.

Instagram/Luca Trapanese