Mom’s love for 13-month-old daughter with rare birthmark

Every human being has two eyes, a nose and a mouth, but still every single face on this planet is unique. We are all different and difference is what makes us unique and beautiful. Many of us spend countless hours self-shaming in front of a mirror wishing to alter our body to meet unrealistic aesthetic standards. It is time to challenge the idea that we should all look the same and be perfect.

This story is about a loving mother whose baby girl has a rare birthmark on her face. After Nicole Hall gave birth her daughter and discovered it was a CMN birthmark, or called as congenital melanocytic nevi. A congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN) is a skin lesion characterized by benign proliferations of nevomelanocytes and presents at birth or develops within the first few weeks.

CMN can manifest as light brown to black patches, can present in various ways, and can cover nearly any size region or part of the body, according to a report by Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Dr Harper Price and Marseille Medical Genetics’ Dr Heather Etchevers for the National Organization for Rare Diseases.

When they first handed Winry to her, she thought it was a bruise. It was then quickly she and her husband realized that it looked like a mole in keeping with the name.

Hall was not sad about her daughter’s ddisease. She planned to use the power of social media to raise the awareness about CMN and to encourage others that being “different” is a positive trait.

It’s rare for anyone to see a birthmark like hers, which is why I like discussing it with others, Hall said. “Parents who have a kid that looks like Winry or has any kind of birthmark will be interested to see how their child is depicted,” says the author, “since they can see how children vary.”

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Winry’s diagnosis could put her at a higher risk of developing melanoma. But Hall said she worries less about the risk of cancer than about the frequency of bullying she may experience as she gets older

Hall is still on top of things by taking extra care to protect her skin.

Prior to anything else, we must make sure her happy and healthy. She needs sunscreen to protect her from the sun’s harmful rays. I am careful with caps and other sort of things. The dermatologist will be our best friend as we grow older, she believes.

According to Winry’s mom, her unique is her personality. “She just emanates happiness,” she says. Every time I see her, she’s either laughing or shrieking. When I first saw her, she was the happiest baby I had ever seen. She’s already a big talker, and she’s just getting started. She says it like it is and is already getting a little sassiness, so I shjuppose we’ll have a lot on our hands evenhy though we haven’t said anything yet.

As a result of her effort, TikTok has allowed Hall to virtually meet people from across the globe with a similar background to her daughter.

Hall continued, “We need to speak to a few Brazilians who have birthmarks.” They have one that is almost similar to Winry’s and chatting to her since she is almost my age has been a lot of fun.

Winry’s parents are amazing of loving and protecting their daughter.

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