For Christmas, 8-year-old son surprised his mother with her favorite toy from childhood – an American Girl Molly doll

What is the magic of Christmas? It may be the parents create unforgettable memories, by picking the best gifts ever and carefully wrapping them in beautiful paper. They know that once the kids grow up, the holidays will be changed, and they try to color the magic as long as they can.

On the other hand, there are some different stories, like this mom just got the most amazing Christmas gift ever from her 8-year-old son.

Ruthie Hagmann’s son, an 8-year-old boy, wanted his mummy to have the best Christmas too and see her reaction. Yes! He really did it. 

Ruthie Hagmann surprised with this very thoughtful gift received for Christmas. She had a heartfelt reaction while she unwrapped her son’s Christmas gift.

She shared this heartwarming situation on TikTok, where the video quickly amassed over 13 million views in just a few days.

In the video, the child presented a gift box to his mother. Seeming inside, she had an idea of what was coming. The glasses and the red purse made her an idea of what she was receiving from his son.

Once she opened the gift box, it was verified that her guess was correct. Her heart went to pieces and dissolved into tears. What’s inside the box was an American girl doll, the same doll she had when she was a little girl.

Hagmann recalled she brought her doll everywhere and she was crazy with it. She added in her post that she missed her American girl doll Molly when they were going around so much after her father’s passing away.

“He truly revived little me with this gift. I can’t believe my eyes how honeyed he is. I’ll never forget this Christmas,” Hagmann wrote, explaining that it was the “complete Christmas ever” and the “most thoughtful gift.”

One day, he had a chat with her son about toys.  “He has a favorite little toy plush and it’s a crocheted little ghost. And he was talking about things like, if he ever lost it, he would cry and he would be so sad. I’m like, ‘You haven’t lost it. You don’t have to bother about that.’ And then he asked me if I had ever lost a toy — and so, it was perhaps last year, I told him my childhood story,” Hagmann shared.

Her son questioned her many times about what her favored toy was and she kept saying it was Molly. She never thought he would give her the doll or even take her story so carefully.

“After I stopped weeping, I just was staring at him in awe, and I just kept saying, ‘You have no idea what this means to me.’ And he was just telling, ‘I love you, Mom, I love you, Mom.”

“I think he just wants me to feel like, I don’t know, that I could have my favorite toy — and it was just so sweet. So, I just kept telling him how much my love to him and I don’t know how to thank.”

Hagmann’s son, Hudson wasn’t just a Contemplative kid. He was also good at keeping secrets and arranging surprises. Hagmman said that he kept the secret for months and began searching for the doll in April.

“It’s crazy that he cared enough to even ask me that question and asked me about my childhood to begin with,” Hagmann added. “He’s just so thoughtful.” She also said that it was a wonderful Christmas and one she will remember forever.

Her mother-in-law supported him look for the American Girl doll. It wasn’t easy to look for an old doll like Molly but finally they could find one. Thanks to the toy company for re-releasing, it in 2021 for the American Girl doll’s 35th anniversary.

Finally, American Girl had invited Hagmann and her family to come down to New York City and eat at the American Girl doll café.

They also offered to take Hudson any Mattel toy that he favored, which she felt was so sweet.

See below video of Hagmann unwrapping a very thoughtful Christmas gift from her 8-year-old son: