Father’s tearful farewell to son on first day of school makes wife laugh uncontrollably, baffling him further

Isaiah Harper’s inaugural day at school held immense significance for his family. For Mary and Samajee Harper, parents hailing from Las Vegas, the build-up to this moment was an emotional rollercoaster.

As a kindergarten teacher, Mary braced herself for the expected surge of emotions. However, what caught her off guard was witnessing her husband, Sam, also welling up with tears.

Their three-year-old son, Isaiah, exuded palpable excitement about embarking on this new journey. Together, they had meticulously planned for both parents to accompany Isaiah on his first day, choosing a day that suited everyone’s schedule.


He rehearsed pronouncing his teacher’s name and went over the guidelines with his parents.

Mary experienced a tightness in her throat as she assisted him in preparing, and to her astonishment, Sam was experiencing a similar sensation.

In a TikTok video that gained widespread attention, Mary couldn’t suppress her laughter as Sam found it challenging to restrain his tears while bidding farewell to Isaiah.

Struggling to maintain composure, Sam confessed that he never anticipated feeling so overwhelmed. The most difficult moment for him was when Isaiah glanced back at them as they departed.

“I thought I could handle it, man,” Sam expressed, his voice wavering with emotion.


Mary chuckled at the unforeseen occurrences, appreciative of the humor that lightened the mood amidst the sorrow.

“In the midst of my tears, I found myself chuckling when my husband’s intense crying became so overwhelming that it elicited laughter from me,” Mary penned in the video.

Even after they parted ways with Isaiah and entrusted him to his teacher, Sam continued to shed tears, as reported by TODAY.

“Everything seemed alright until I mentioned, ‘Isaiah, Mommy and Daddy have to go now,'” she remembers. “That’s when his expression turned into the saddest, I’ve ever witnessed. Silent tears started streaming down his cheeks.”

Mary recounted how she embraced Isaiah, tears streaming down her face, anticipating her husband’s comforting presence. However, when she glanced at him, she noticed he was already shedding tears.

Mary and Sam hastily peered out of a petite window to catch a final glimpse of Isaiah before their departure.

“She recalls feeling immensely reassured seeing his teacher comforting him, yet Sam’s reaction differed,” Mary explains. “Repeatedly, he voiced, ‘I’m not alright. I’m not alright.’ It was a mix of sadness and humor.”


Mary, who relishes capturing moments for social media, began filming their heartfelt farewell. She hadn’t anticipated Sam being so overcome with emotion, yet she found his reaction charming and amusing.

“It was adorable yet incredibly amusing,” she chuckled, “I couldn’t resist laughing at the sight of both of us being so emotional.”

During the day, Mary and Sam anxiously awaited news of Isaiah’s adaptation to his unfamiliar surroundings. Upon Isaiah’s return home, his enthusiasm and eagerness to recount his day brought them immense relief.

Isaiah’s joy from playing on the playground and getting acquainted with his new teacher was heartwarming for Mary and Sam, instilling in them a sense of reassurance.

Over time, the family found drop-offs to be less daunting as Isaiah appeared to be adjusting well to preschool. Mary cherished the regular updates and photos from the school, which served as comforting reminders of Isaiah’s well-being throughout the day.


Reflecting on their journey, Mary and Sam offer guidance for fellow parents navigating similar milestones.

They stress the significance of thoroughly investigating the school and its teachers, maintaining open lines of communication with them, and engaging in meaningful conversations with their child about their daily experiences.

Although the initial day may evoke strong emotions, they reassure other parents that with time, the process becomes more manageable.

After the initial drama of Isaiah’s first day at school, he now wakes up enthusiastically, filled with anticipation to embark on new adventures and eagerly share them with his parents upon returning home.


Mary finds joy in witnessing the strong connection Isaiah has developed with his teacher and the friendships he’s cultivating.

Isaiah is thriving in the social atmosphere of preschool, bringing immense happiness to Mary

.View the heartwarming yet amusing moment between Mary and Sam as they navigate their son’s initial day at school in the video below:

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