Experience the charm of a Golden Retriever farm, where visitors can bond with these friendly dogs, creating a popular tourist attraction

Imagine stepping into a wonderland filled with happy, wagging dogs and pure joy – that’s what awaits you at the Golden Retriever Farm!

Welcome to a magical place called Golden Dog Farm in Jefferson, Vermont! Over 200 acres of land are home to adorable Golden Retrievers, resembling teddy bears, showcasing their cuddly nature.

These lovely dogs are super excited to meet new friends like you!

Doug and Becca Worple have transformed their farm into a cherished destination for dog lovers, particularly golden retrievers.


The farm in the Green Mountains has become super popular on social media, bringing in visitors from across the country.

At the Golden Retriever Experience, you can have a special time with happy golden retrievers, which is called a “pack” of these furry pals.

Doug and Becca arrange hour-long playdates so visitors can enjoy being with these cheerful dogs.

“People are traveling from all corners of the country to take a break from their everyday lives and relish the moment. It’s fantastic,” Becca shared with Good Morning America.


The Worples started this heartwarming adventure when they decided to make a big change in their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doug shared with PEOPLE that he used to travel extensively for work, clocking in a couple of hundred days on the road each year. However, when the pandemic hit and life transitioned to Zoom meetings, he realized he needed a change. The catalyst came when someone inquired about buying his home. Following this, Doug, who has years of experience in advertising, and Becca, who works as a children’s photographer, made the bold decision to sell their Cincinnati house. Instead, they opted to rent an RV and set off on a six-month journey across the country.


Doug and Becca discovered a 270-acre property in Vermont, which they named Golden Dog Farm. While living there with their four golden retrievers, they noticed that their dogs didn’t get enough interaction with people.

To fix this, they decided to turn their farm into a place where people could come and spend time with their golden retrievers. But they knew it would be tough to gather enough happy golden retrievers for their plan.


September 2023 and became popular after a TikTok video featured the Golden Retriever farm, leading to all tickets being sold out.

For $75 each, visitors get to hang out with the golden retrievers, playing games like football and cuddling with them until the dogs With the help of their neighbors Dana and Susan Menne, who are experienced breeders of AKC Golden Retrievers, Doug and Becca started the Golden Retriever Experience.

The events started in get tired.

Afterwards, guests can head to the farm’s barn for hot chocolate, lunch, and snacks.


The Golden Retriever Experience lasts around 1.5 hours, giving people a wonderful break from their daily routine. They can also get professional photos to remember the moment.

Doug and Becca get lots of positive feedback, with visitors saying it’s the “best day ever” and even feeling like it’s therapeutic.

Besides being fun, being at the Golden Retriever farm has made many people feel emotional, especially those who’ve lost a dog. It’s like a comforting place for them.


The Golden Retriever Experience has turned into a special place for celebrations, with five proposals happening during the events.

As the joy of the Golden Retriever Experience continues to spread, Doug and Becca are thinking about having parties during the warmer months.

This enchanting place, full of happy dogs and fluffy joy, has become a haven for dog lovers looking for something special and heartwarming.

Even though Doug acknowledges that managing the Golden Retriever farm feels like having “two full-time jobs,” the positive feedback from people makes it all worthwhile.


“It seems like everything I’ve done and everything Becca has done led us to this moment. It feels like destiny, like it was supposed to happen,” he said.

In addition to the Golden Retriever Experience, the farm lets you explore the entire property! They offer tours where you can learn about the bees that make the honey they sell, and you can see the maple tree orchards where they make syrup.


Beekeeping enthusiasts can experience a hands-on beekeeping experience, learning about bee care and honey production in a suit-based setting.

The farm also sells merchandise like hats, hoodies, shirts, and more!

Watch the video below to see the adorable Golden Retrievers in action and enjoy their cuteness overload!