Disabled father’s dream fulfilled by high school students with invention: the Wheel-Stroll

It’s heartbreaking when physical limitations interfere with the joy of parenthood. Despite the immense happiness of having a baby, the inability to fully participate in certain aspects of caring for them can be a significant source of frustration and sadness for a parent.  This heartwarming story is about such a loving three-person family and a group of highly innovative high school students.

It was a challenging time for Jeremy, but he was determined not to let his disability define his relationship with his child. Jeremy may have sought out support from his wife, family, or community resources to help him navigate parenthood with his disability.

Jeremy King’s experience as a parent likely presented unique challenges due to his handicap, impacting his ability to fully engage with and enjoy his baby’s presence. Despite his joy at becoming a parent, the limitations imposed by his disability may have dampened his experience, making it difficult for him to participate fully in activities such as holding, feeding, or playing with his child.

It’s indeed distressing to hear about Jeremy’s diagnosis and the difficulties he’s experiencing post-surgery. Losing equilibrium significantly impacted his daily life and well-being.

Chelsie King, Jeremy’s wife, expressed on Good Morning America that while Jeremy can walk, he struggles to do so comfortably while holding a child. This prompted them to question what measures they needed to ensure Jeremy could safely parent. They found that there weren’t many resources or services readily available for handicapped parents, highlighting a gap in support for individuals with disabilities in parenting roles. This underscores the importance of advocating for more inclusive services and support systems for all parents, regardless of their physical abilities.

Chelsie expressed NBC Washington, “Enjoying walks with a baby can be a wonderful way to bond but we absolutely couldn’t.”

Chelsie emphasized their need for a method that enables him to participate in family activities like walks and other daily tasks, regardless of physical limitations.

Chelsie’s idea aligns perfectly with the objectives of Professor Matt Zigler’s Making for Social Good class at the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland. By reaching out to students involved in the school’s Innovation and Technology Lab (BITlab), she taps into a pool of talented individuals eager to make a positive impact.

This collaboration opens opportunities for innovative solutions to real-world problems, as the class focuses on developing ideas aimed at improving the lives of those most in need.

Professor Zigler fosters a sense of social responsibility and empathy among his students by providing them with a task that not only stimulates their intellect but also serves someone in their community.
The Wheel-Stroll was a marvel of innovation, born from the boundless imagination of the young minds involved. It was a revolutionary contraption designed to facilitate Jeremy’s desire to take leisurely walks with his child.
The students’ accomplishments not only realized a father’s greatest dream but also garnered them multiple prizes for their inventions. Among these awards were “Best Inspirational Story” and “Best Showcase of Iterative Design.”