Despite the doctor’s advice, the parents chose not to abort the baby due to malformation: Now, see how their son looks today.

Sarah and Chris rejected the doctor’s suggestion to abort their “deformed” baby. They firmly believed in keeping their child and today, there’s no doubt they made the right choice. Their decision brought them immense joy, affirming their belief in the value of every life, regardless of imperfections.

Sarah Heller and her husband were overjoyed to learn they were expecting a baby, eagerly anticipating the joy it would bring to their lives.

However, their excitement turned to heartbreak when, at 24 weeks pregnant, the doctor revealed the baby would be born with deformities.

Despite this devastating news, their love for their child remained unwavering. They resolved to shower their baby with all the love and support they could muster, determined to provide the best possible life for their little one, no matter the challenges ahead. They embraced their role as parents with courage and unconditional love.

Source: Instagram/Sara Heller

Brody’s ultrasound revealed he had a bilateral cleft lip and palate, a condition where the tissues of the upper lip and palate don’t fuse properly during early pregnancy. While this condition can pose health challenges, surgery offers hope for a good quality of life.

Despite uncertainties, the couple’s love for Brody is unwavering. They’re committed to providing him with all the care he needs.

Sarah, Brody’s mother, expresses pride in her son, regardless of his condition. She aims to share their journey on social media, raising awareness about cleft lip and palate.

Her desire to change perceptions and promote understanding reflects the family’s determination to embrace Brody wholeheartedly. With their steadfast support and love, Brody enters the world surrounded by parents who cherish him, regardless of any differences.

Source: Instagram/Sara Heller

Sarah and Chris understand that without surgery, babies like Brody might struggle with breathing, eating, and speaking.

Despite this, they’re proud of their children and eager to share their photos on social media. They hope to raise awareness that physical differences aren’t a big deal and promote acceptance.

Thankfully, most people respond positively to Brody, although some may have questions about his appearance.

Despite any challenges, Sarah and Chris are determined to celebrate Brody just as he is, fostering a loving and inclusive environment for their family.

Source: Instagram/Sara Heller

Sarah didn’t get upset when people asked about her son’s difference. Instead, she felt glad to educate them about it.

She says:

“I chose to educate rather than argue because Brody will want to do it someday. He’s too young to speak up now, but I hope to advocate for children with cleft lips.”

During dinner at a restaurant, the server gave Sarah a note. When she opened it, she cried because it contained a $1,000 check with a message saying it was for her beautiful baby. This act of kindness from strangers restored Sarah’s faith in humanity.

Source: Instagram/Sara Heller

When Brody needed surgery, they used the money for part of the cost. The surgery went well, and Brody is recovering. He’ll need more surgery later, but his parents are happy with his progress.

“This showed us how supportive our community can be. People from all overreached out, praying and offering help when we needed it. I’m asking for your support.”

Brody is really beautiful now, and his parents are happy they made the right choice. There might have been some uncertainty or difficulty in the past, but now they’re all feeling good about things.

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