After the girl completed her chemo treatment, she and her mom had a special celebration trip to Las Vegas five weeks later

Cassidy discovered she has a rare type of cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma. To fight it, she’s been getting lots of chemotherapy, which is a strong medicine to help her body fight the cancer cells.

Cassidy’s mom, Kelly Pettit Huff, bought tickets for a music festival in Las Vegas called Route 91 Harvest as a surprise for Cassidy. Cassidy wasn’t feeling well because of her cancer treatment, so her mom wasn’t sure if they could go.

But Cassidy started feeling better, so they decided to go on the trip. They didn’t know something bad was going to happen.

Kelley got tickets for her daughter as a birthday present. She wanted to make her daughter’s birthday extra special because she had gone through a tough year of chemotherapy. Kelley talked about this special night in a post online.

Facebook/Cassidy Huff 

Kelley wrote about how grateful she was for all the concertgoers who came up to Cassidy, her daughter, and gave her high-fives, fist bumps, hugs, and words of encouragement. They even shared stories of their battles with cancer or their loved ones. Kelley felt happy to receive such love from strangers.

Kelley also shared a photo of a shirtless cowboy at the festival who wanted to dance with Cassidy. He danced with her, twirled her around, dipped her, and kissed her on her bald head, leaving her with a big smile. It brought Cassidy a lot of happiness.

Facebook/Kelley Pettit Huff

Their happy evening suddenly turned chaotic when they heard loud gunshots. Kelley immediately called her husband, who told them to run as fast as possible and not to stay in one spot.

To avoid getting trampled by the panicked crowd, Kelley quickly grabbed Cassidy and pushed her through some serving equipment, then crawled after her. They ran as fast as they could.

While they were running, Cassidy got exhausted and fell. A police officer who wasn’t on duty at the time came to help Cassidy, while his girlfriend grabbed Kelley’s hand and ran with her.

Facebook/Kelley Pettit Huff

They found shelter behind a large truck. A retired police officer advised them to keep moving. His daughter, who is a current police officer, carried Cassidy on her back and ran with them.

The retired officer instructed his wife to take them to their car and get them home safely, while he stayed behind to help others. It was a very selfless act. They quickly made their way to the MGM parking garage and left before the streets were closed off. They arrived home by 11:15 p.m.

Facebook/Kelley Pettit Huff

Kelley expressed her gratitude to everyone who helped them on October 1st when something really bad happened and a person named Stephen Paddock hurt over 500 people.

She thanked each person who assisted them that night and safely got them home to her husband and their other three daughters. She felt a strong connection to them and promised to never forget their kindness.

Kelley also reflected on how, for some reason, they were spared from harm that night. She couldn’t understand why the tragedy occurred or what happened to all the wonderful people who supported her daughter in her fight against cancer. It made her angry and confused. She pledged to keep praying for everyone affected by the tragedy.

Facebook/Kelley Pettit Huff