A woman missing her first flight ended up leading her to become a guardian angel for stranger in bathroom stall in airport

Spending holidays with family is a cherished tradition for many!

There’s something special about being surrounded by the people you love most, exchanging gifts and laughter. Holiday is a time to enjoy delicious meals, watch the best movies with the family, travelling and share meaningful moments.

But it’s not the same for some unfortunate parties in our society who often face hardships and financial difficulties. Of course, we all have daily problems, whether it be a personal issue or something at work. However, you should also take a minute to think that some people who are going through a much harder time than you are. Even some people live where they have no one to help them. It is sadly reality regarding the current state of our society. 

This incident went viral very quickly on Facebook in 2021 which was about one such difficulty family in the society and how a stranger helped them at the LAX airport.

Photo by Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash

A lady named Cyn Symone missed her first flight to Los Angeles. After she missed her flight, she had an unexpected meeting with a struggling mother at the LAX. Symone was upset about missing her flight, but she didn’t know that she could still be a “guardian angel” for a struggling family who needed love and kindness.

She was so upset after missing her first flight, but then she knew why!  When she finally got to LAX baggage claim, she went to the bathroom, and she heard a woman crying loudly for some reason.

“I was nervous, and she was speaking Spanish, so I didn’t know if she’d even understand me,” Symone recalled.

Credit: facebook.com/cyn.symone

After returning four times while waiting for her baggage claim. Symone heard a woman say, “The bus doesn’t come until tomorrow.” Then Symone realized the sadness of the stranger in the bathroom.

She asked her if she had Zelle or CashApp but she said no. Symone asked again her if I could pay for her a hotel to stay today. Then she stopped crying and opened the stall door.

Credit: facebook.com/cyn.symone

Symone felt so happy to help her than spending her money on useless things when she saw a small kid on the bathroom floor next to the women. So, she came with Symone to the Marriott and Symone got her a room. She also wondered how many people would have come into the bathroom before her and ignore this mother’s crying and nobody tried to help her. they would not have thought that there was a child next to this woman.   

“I’m glad I said something because she was super sweet and appreciative, and she had babies with her. I took the photo to send to my ride to emphasize if she can ride with us and I’ll pay because she needs help,” Symone revealed. She explained why she posted the photo of the woman and her kids at the airport bathroom stall with their faces blurred.

“Yes, I decided to post the photo because when I woke up the next morning, I thought to myself, if only people knew the situation of the crying woman in the stall, would they have stopped? Unfortunately for most, seeing is believing and I hope everyone takes something from this,”

Brooks Sydney-LaChelle wrote that Symone is a true blessing, and her post encourages other people to help others. Nicole L Haines commented, “This post melted my heart, and I was really crying because that made me so happy, she got help.”

Credit: facebook.com/cyn.symone

Giving back to the less fortunate would not only allow you to put a smile on someone else’s face, but it may also open your eyes to a bigger reality. By doing this, you may become a source of strength for others with better cultural sensitivity.