A woman economically transformed an old garage into a stunning, shabby-chic-inspired tiny home

A woman turned a rundown garage into a comfy, lovely house with her taste, ideas, and hard work.

Anna found a place that felt like a new beginning, with an old-fashioned vibe and a garage that could be turned into a warm, comfortable home.

Anna wanted to find a place that she could easily transform because it was previously just used for storing stuff or parking cars, like an old garage. She liked the idea of starting with a clean slate, so she could make it into whatever she wanted.


Anna was grateful that she didn’t have to start her project completely from the ground up. She valued what the property already had to offer, like beautiful ocean views and nearby natural surroundings.

While maintaining the property’s practical features, such as having a toilet and shower, Anna also found the garage useful for both financial reasons and her need for privacy.


Anna deliberately chose to keep the original appearance of the property intact and opted not to construct a traditional house on the land.

Instead of building a conventional house, Anna decided to go for cottages, which she now rents out on Airbnb. This choice has provided her with financial stability and reaffirmed her decision to reside there.

Although she initially had doubts about adding a deck, Anna went ahead and cleared trees to make room for it.


Anna was amazed by the results of her efforts, especially the meaningful touches that reflected her personal history, like using pickets from a friend’s cafe where she once worked.

To transform the old garage, Anna started by taking out the garage door and framing the space. She then shifted her attention to the windows.

Initially, Anna had a particular window design in mind, but she changed her plans when she realized it might cause inconvenience.


Choosing open windows enabled Anna to establish a breezy ambiance throughout the house.

Her goal was to achieve a French-inspired style, incorporating elements like French doors. However, she also prioritized insulation, adhering to eco-friendly guidelines by adding glazing.

Enhancing insulation with double glazing was a substantial upgrade, especially considering she began with only a concrete floor and framing in the old garage.


As Anna invites guests inside, her talent for discovering hidden gems among recycled items becomes evident, revealing her penchant for collecting.

She possesses an innate ability to discern what will complement her home, often knowing its suitability even before acquiring it.

When questioned about her process, Anna simply explains that she envisions how the item will fit within her home.


Anna’s approach has influenced her distinct style as she curated her space over the years.

“It’s rather amusing when you think about how garages are usually seen as merely functional and somewhat impersonal spaces. Yet, this place is truly extraordinary. Stepping inside, you’re immediately enveloped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere,” she remarked.

Anna takes pride in the remarkable transformation of her space, a feat that makes it difficult to imagine its humble origins as a mere old garage.

She went the extra mile, commissioning a custom-made couch to perfectly fit the space, and carefully rearranging the layout to accommodate both the bedroom and dining area while ensuring comfort and ample space for her guests.


Anna recognizes the difficulty of maximizing a small space and stresses the significance of innovative thinking regarding shapes.

Her ability to think creatively is evident in her choice to avoid round items, which typically occupy more space, in favor of maintaining an open and spacious feel.

Anna strived for her space to mirror her style by integrating items from storage and her various collections accumulated over time.


Anna’s home exudes a charming fusion of shabby chic, French, and cottage aesthetics, a testament to her individual taste and diverse collection of cherished items.

Above all, she prioritizes comfort, meticulously crafting living areas that are not only visually appealing but also warm, welcoming, and snug.

Despite the constraints of a limited footprint, Anna’s resourcefulness and imagination are evident as she optimizes every corner of her space.


Anna’s meticulous attention to detail permeates every nook and cranny of her home.

Through Anna’s vision and dedication, the annex, formerly a basic carport, has been transformed into an extra living area.

The kitchen, adorned with open shelving and thoughtfully arranged displays, narrates a tale of cherished memories and significant discoveries.


Anna’s dedication to maintaining the authenticity of the space while imbuing it with her distinctive flair is evident in every aspect.

From the thoughtfully chosen furniture to the cozy textiles that enhance comfort and ambiance, Anna has curated a space that exudes warmth and texture.

In the bedroom, Anna has fashioned a luxurious sanctuary where she can escape and relax.


Each furniture item, whether it’s the French-inspired dresser or the beach-themed bedside tables, is meticulously selected to evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation.

The ensuite bathroom, seamlessly incorporated into the home, features distinctive displays and accents that contribute to the overall ambiance.

Despite the hurdles and financial limitations encountered in converting an old garage into a residence, Anna’s determination and commitment have yielded remarkable results.


Despite the initial conversion cost of approximately $61,000, Anna continues to invest in her property, constantly seeking new projects to undertake and areas to enhance.

“Living in a small home gives me a sense of security. It gives me that comforting feeling of having a place to call my own, a haven. It’s intimate and envelops me in this cozy little space. Every time I step inside, I feel a sense of relief. Whatever may be happening outside, whether it’s been a good day or a bad one, I come here, and it all fades away. I’m constantly thankful for what I have in this place. Always.”

You can explore Anna’s stylishly transformed home from its humble origins as an old garage in the video below: