A doctor was raised by a dad who has Down syndrome – the relationship between this dad and son is warm & loving

A common misconception about people with Down syndrome is — that they cannot have children. Although there are significant challenges, men with Down syndrome have been able to have kids. Jad Issa, a Syrian man with Down syndrome, is one of those people. Jad and his wife’s son wasn’t born with Down syndrome. Jad gave his son the best life also raised him to be a doctor. It’s not just parents with Down Syndrome who love their children unconditionally. Sader Issa, who studies dentistry in Syria, shared the way how his farther who has Down syndrome raised him.

According to Jad’s son, his dad showered him with love and did the best that he could. Sader was lucky to spend a childhood the same as any kid’s even though his dad may have been different, Sader grew up like the other kids in the neighborhood.

He is very proud of his dad because he helped to turn his life. Sader isn’t ashamed of his farther.


“I’m proud of my father. Throughout my life he has been the greatest support for me when I needed it.”

Sader shared how selfless his father is, and how he has become the backbone of his family. Sader said how his father is favorably in his community.

Jad may have to endure the lifelong difficulties of living with Down Syndrome. The dentistry student said that his father’s dedication would push him to do all he can to be the best person.


He also became a model for his son, as someone who can achieve more with less, and overcome obstacles with perseverance and positivity.

Sader wants the world to know that hardships brought on by Down Syndrome. However, the relationship between the father and son is warm and loving, like you’d expect in any family.

Jad is incredibly proud of Sader and all his acheivements in dentistry. Sader is aware as well that his father is proud of his accomplishments in dentistry. ‘My son is a doctor.’ You can see the pride and joy in his eyes.


Perhaps the love that parents with Down Syndrome have for their children also comes from a sense of wonder. According to the National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC), “it is actually quite rare for men with Down Syndrome to have children.”

The issue is not related to sterility, but more to a “lack of knowledge” about reproduction. “Women with Down Syndrome are able to get pregnant, but it does not happen often.”


In truth, people with Down Syndrome are truly special, and yet not all different. The NDSC stated, “People with Down Syndrome are more alike their typical peers than they are different. They take longer to reach milestones when they are young, but they reach them! They have feelings and emotions and they want to be treated with respect.”

The outlook for people with Down Syndrome has also changed over the years. The NDSC explained, “People with DS are living great lives!

The life expectancy for people with DS has increased from age 25 as recently as the 1980s to being 60 now. People gain meaningful employment and live independently, with many attending college and some getting married.”


As a child of a parent with Down Syndrome, Sader said it best, “We wish all people were able to accept that being different is not something to be ashamed of.

People with Down Syndrome are different but they have feelings, aspirations, a mind of their own. They are able to live a normal life if society supports them.

People with Down syndrome are the kindness people in the world. They never angry but lot of smiles.