Giovanni “Govi” Eastwood is a little kid with Down syndrome. In 2010, he was found neglected and starving in the attic of his family’s home. The responsible one for look after him had abandoned him. Even though he was six years old at the time, his weight was same as a child who was just three.

Rachel Perez who his mother was arrested for unpaid warrants. Then, the authorities had found her other children and transferred them to a secure location. But, Govi hided in the attic of his house in Kansas.

Sergeant John Klingele was responsible for finding the child and as he said, “Perez invented some narrative about where Govi was.” “So, in the end, they all went their separate ways, and Govi was left behind.”

The officers went back inside to conduct another search since they suspected that the child was still inside the home. In there, they soon concluded that the youngster was hiding up in the attic.

As per Klingele, “Govi looked like a child out of a concentration camp, with bones and skin when they first met. He would be seven years old as per information, but he seemed to be no more than three years old. His weighed only 17 pounds, had trouble walking, scarcely spoke, and was covered in waste. He was also coated in excrement. He sufferers from rickets with the lack of food.  As a result, his bones becoming brittle and bowing, not only the boy’s buttocks’ fatty tissue deteriorating and disappearing”.

According to medical professionals to the Kansas City Star, Govi wouldn’t have lasted longer if he hadn’t been rescued that night.

Inside Edition / Family handout

The kid had been left without even without a blanket.  The police assumed that Perez had placed him there to conceal him.

Perez is presently serving an eight-year sentence in jail for attempted murder, which she received.

The cops were reunited with him six years later and were shocked. “The child has enchantment.”

Stacy and Joe who Govi’s uncle & aunty looked after Govi and his two sisters.  Unluckily, Govi’s recuperation was slowly. Firstly, he would only sleep on the floor and was worried that he was going to be struck if someone. But then he felt loved and protected in new home.

“That boy has extraordinary powers and he really brings out a better person” Eastwood stated of the actor.

The officers saw a good change in the 12-year-old boy and honored him by making him an honorary deputy and presenting him with a plaque when they went to see him at the sheriff’s department in 2016.

Govi expressed his appreciation to the cops for their assistance earlier that day by shaking their hands.

“That young man is the true hero. Seeing how broad his grin is and how large his heart is. “It’s miracle to see him again,” Klingele said.

As his aunt says, Govi slept that night with his unique plaque.