A 7-year-old girl, coping with the loss of her mother, decided to set up a lemonade stand to collect funds for her mom’s headstone.

After facing a heartbreaking loss, Emouree Johnson, a 7-year-old girl from Scottsboro, Alabama, initiated a lemonade stand with a poignant purpose:

to purchase a headstone for her mother’s grave.

Emouree’s heart-wrenching words echoed her profound loss: “I woke up with the worst news of my life.”

Emouree’s mother, Karli, tragically passed away at the age of 29, leaving Emouree utterly devastated. Karli had been the sole caregiver for Emouree, and her sudden loss deeply affected the young girl.

Despite the challenges she faced, Karli worked tirelessly as a shift supervisor at Krystal’s, striving to build a better life for herself and to provide for her beloved daughter, Emouree.


Karli was dedicated to her family and held hopes of securing their own home for a brighter future together.

The night before Karli passed away, they cherished precious moments together as a family.

Despite grappling with profound grief, they honored Karli’s memory by releasing balloons on her birthday, which coincided with St. Patrick’s Day. The following day, they laid her to rest, carrying with them memories of their time together and the love they shared.

Karli’s sudden passing brought financial hardships to her family, as she did not have insurance, exacerbating their grief during an already difficult time.


When they visited the cemetery, Emouree was perplexed and saddened by the modest metal headstone marking her mother’s grave, especially in comparison to the larger ones adorning other graves.

Emouree felt deeply that her mother was being overlooked.

According to CBS News, her grandmother, Jennifer Bordner, couldn’t afford a headstone, and she was deeply moved by Emouree’s earnest desire to make a difference.

“She had tears in her eyes and wanted to help,” Jennifer shared, reflecting on Emouree’s heartfelt response.


Emouree, determined to honor her mother’s memory and help provide a proper headstone, took matters into her own hands by setting up a lemonade stand, even though she had only four lemons to start with.

Her grandmother, Jennifer, shared Emouree’s initiative on Facebook, hoping to spread the word and support their cause.

What began as a small family effort quickly transformed into an unexpected miracle as the community rallied around Emouree’s lemonade stand, demonstrating an outpouring of generosity and support.

Passersby, touched by Emouree’s determination and the cause she was supporting, frequently donated more than the $1 price of a cup of lemonade.

The community’s generosity knew no bounds, with the highest donation reaching an astonishing $300 for Emouree’s heartfelt cause.

The overwhelming support from strangers further fueled Emouree’s determination to make a difference in her mother’s memory.


After Jennifer shared Emouree’s story on Facebook, a monument company was deeply moved and generously offered to donate a fitting headstone for Karli’s grave, according to the NY Post.

The lemonade stand, initially set up with the humble goal of purchasing a headstone, far surpassed expectations. The incredible community support resulted in a staggering $15,000 raised, which will significantly offset the funeral costs.

Jennifer expressed heartfelt gratitude as hundreds of people visited the lemonade stand throughout the week, demonstrating unwavering support for Emouree and her family during their time of need.

“Everybody has come,” Jennifer shared.

“I heard her funeral is paid for. We collected the money for her headstone, but now they are generously donating it. I tried to let everybody know, but they keep bringing stuff for Emouree to help take care of her.”

She described the outpouring of support as a gift from God during a difficult time, bringing smiles and overwhelming appreciation to Emouree and her family.


Emouree was profoundly moved by the immense generosity of the community and expressed heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed. She thanked each person for their kindness, recognizing the impact of their support during such a challenging time.

Funerals can indeed be costly affairs, with headstones ranking as the second most expensive item after the casket, as noted by Your Tango.

While there are various expenses associated with funerals, the importance of a headstone should not be underestimated, as it serves as a lasting tribute to the deceased, providing a place for loved ones to pay their respects and remember them.

Typically, families can expect to spend between $1,000 and $3,000 on a headstone, including installation costs.

Additionally, funeral expenses in the United States have seen a significant increase over time, further adding to the financial burden faced by grieving families.

The National Funeral Directors Association highlights a median cost of $7,360 for a funeral that includes viewing and burial, with expenses rising to approximately $8,700 if a cement vault, often mandated by cemeteries, is added.

These figures underscore the significant financial strain placed on grieving families, who are already grappling with the emotional toll of loss.

The burden is particularly daunting considering the financial vulnerability of many Americans. According to a 2018 Federal Reserve study, 61% of American adults could handle an unexpected expense of $400, while 39% would struggle, resorting to selling possessions or cutting back on necessities to make ends meet. These statistics illuminate the stark reality faced by a considerable portion of the population when confronted with unforeseen financial obligations, such as funeral expenses.

An unexpected funeral bill totaling $8,000 would undoubtedly be emotionally and financially devastating for many families.

In the face of such challenges, Emouree’s unwavering dedication to earning money for her mother’s tombstone serves as a touching testament to her deep love and affection for her mom.

Watch below to witness Emouree’s heartfelt expression of love for her mother through her lemonade stand.