A 12-Year-Old Michigan Boy Raised $2,500 to Buy A Headstone For His Best Friend After Friend’s Death

The bond between two close friends is unbreakable. Unfortunately, for Kaleb Klakulak and K.J. Gross, it was a bond that ended shortly with a sad goodbye.

When Kaleb Klakulak and his family moved to Warren, Michigan, Kaleb was in second grade who was the new kid in town. Kaleb was shy and quieter than his friends and he didn’t easily make friends. But then he met K.J.Gross, who was also 11 years old, and they immediately became best friends! Being the new kid in town was hard, that is why Gross meant so much to Kaleb.

Kaleb said that it was fun because he liked almost everything I liked.  The two boys were able to just be themselves and started hanging out together all the time.

“I believed they liked each other because they ‘got’ each other,” Kaleb’s mom, Kristy Hall, said.

Kristy Hall

Their mothers quickly comprehended the reason behind for their sons’ strong bond. Both were uncommonly silent and were being elevated by single mothers at the time. So, Mothers were sharing their stories and being comfort in each other.

When K.J. was a toddler, he was identified with leukemia. Throughout his young life, he underwent several surgeries and was limited in how long he could live. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. But his friend’s health problems didn’t bother Kaleb at all.

He was very sick & hospitalized in May. However, the two friends enjoyed just being together, playing video games and watching TV in K.J.’s hospital room. In the spring, K.J. died of congestive heart failure. He was only 12.

Little Kaleb said a sad goodbye to K.J. and it was a heartwarming ending. He wanted to say final goodbye to his friend in the most honorable of ways.

Kristy Hall

He was buried in his family plot in Detroit. After K.J. passed away, his mother LaSondra “San” Singleton could not even afford a special headstone with his name at his unmarked grave. 

When Kaleb found out about it, he decided to help his friend’s family, who were feeling very sad. So, he asked his mom how much the cost of a special stone for his friend. Both Kaleb and his mom wanted to help K.J.’s mom. After that, Kaleb has been raking leaves, collecting bottles and soliciting PayPal donations on social media to help raise $2,500.

Donations quickly began streaming in, and Kaleb and his mom handed K.J.’s mom a check to buy a special stone for K.J.’s grave.

K.J.’s mom, LaSondra, told, “I cried because it was unexpected. I’m trying to understand things from day to day,” “Now, I can visit his final resting place. I have a place I can go and be with him forever.”

“I wanted to get a special stone for him because it’s finalizing everything for me” she added.

Image: Kristy Hall

However, Kaleb’s had a hard time.

“He hasn’t found a new friend yet,” said Hall. “I know it’s hard for him because he’s afraid. He doesn’t want to lose someone else.”

Kristy Hall